Biomass Pyrolysis
Recover Precious Metals From E-Waste
Regenerate Activated Carbon
Plastic Pyrolysis
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We are accepting feedstock for circular economy waste transformation projects

We are accepting quantities ranging from 10 tons and upwards for commercial scale, circular economy waste upcycling and transformation projects. Our facility is permitted to accept 189 (EWC) waste codes. For a full list of accepted materials please see the details of our waste facility permit which is available to download here.

What we can do

We accept hazardous and non hazardous wastes and materials including contaminated soils, sludges, various food wastes, plastics, activated carbon, industrial wastes, biomass, packaging wastes and more.  Learn more about our process here.

contaminated soil close up

Soil remediation

granular activated carbon

Spent activated carbon regeneration

biomass in the form of woodchip

Biomass pyrolysis

shredded plastic waste


hazardous sludge close up

Sludge treatment

shredded tyre crumb

Tyre crumb

shredded printed circuit boards

Electronic Waste


For any inquiries please email