Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

We believe in a future where fossil fuels have been completely replaced by clean, cheap energy. We think current commitments to large-scale renewable transformation are insufficient to avoid catastrophic climate outcomes so we’re dedicating our time to creating large-scale renewable transformation so that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy a safe, habitable planet.

While some strategies, including the deployment of wind and solar technologies at scale, require the use and disruption of large tracts of natural landscape we see a future where clean technology inhabits and regenerates forgotten brownfield sites in old industrial areas so that green landscapes remain untouched.

Despite the fact that best-case projections still show fossil fuels making up the majority of world energy use by the middle of this century we believe in creating a circular future fuelled by clean energy where all fossil fuel use can be avoided and where waste does not exist.

Our Mission

We design, build and operate modular pyrolysis plants that can be located in existing brownfield sites, revitalising rundown industrial areas, and leveraging existing grid infrastructure. It’s clear that a massive decarbonisation effort is needed over the next 30 years and we believe it can be achieved with a relatively small physical and environmental footprint when using thermal technologies, at prices competitive with cheap oil and gas. Our approach allows large areas of land to be spared for regeneration of natural ecosystems (while potentially delivering additional carbon sequestration). This also improves other ecological concerns such as biodiversity, waste treatment and water quality.

We are continually innovating so that we can deliver the most effective processes for the transformation of waste into clean, cheap energy and circular resources. We are building our first commercial scale pyrolysis plant in the west of Ireland and are looking for partners who want to join our no-waste, clean energy revolution.

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